Amaris Ziayanah's Holiday Winter Dance (Do You Hear What I Hear), custom arranged music by Mascodagama.

Costuming by Magpie Urban Designs

Socha Socha by Ancient Future from the Planet Passion CD is used by permission of Ancient-Future.Com Records.

"Ancient Future would like to thank belly dancer Amaris Ziayanah for sharing this YouTube video of a special Moon Dance to Socha Socha she performed in the last stages of her pregnancy. It is beautiful when music touches people's lives at important moments, so we love to hear about it when it happens."

~ Anchient Future ~

Dance of the Moon:


This Video is of Amaris' performance on April 21st 2007 at the annual Isis Rising - Babylon Breeze Theatre Gala Show. With the theme of the event "What if Bellydance originated from...?"  Following her fondness and delight in the celestial sky, Amaris choose an inspirational place... The Moon. 


Here, she represents the three main moon phases ~New, Half and Full~ During this show she is dancing in her third trimester of pregnancy with her fourth child.