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"Hi Amy!
Thanks for the great class today! What a great way to start the day!!! 
Your technique stretches muscles where I have limited movement especially in my left shoulder. Your approach is so positive. I noticed in this class and in the the last one - that as u see an individual needs adjustment - your corrections are with words of affirmation "you've got it" "perfect" etc. Your energy is a breath of fresh air!
See you next Class!"

~ From one of Amy's many happy Students ~


"Amy's Class isn't just for Yoga, it's a spiritual awakening for anyone who participates.  Amy is an incredible teacher who will help guide you towards your Yoga goals,  whether it be physical or mental health.  My partner and I found Amy's Yoga Class very instructive and helpful.  For him, it helped  his back and a shoulder pain from sports.  For me, it helped  heal anxiety and stress. No doubt you will leave her Class feeling amazing inside and out!  Open your third eye today."

~ from one of Amy's many delighted students ~

  All Classes are available online including Fitness Coaching!

* RESTORATIVE YOGA:  (a restorative class for all levels)


Guide your body through a series of beneficial postures and breath-work, bringing awareness to the connection of the mind, body and spirit.  Feel your being become transformed from the gripping tense sensations from the hustle and bustle of everyday life melt away into a sheer and present peace, comfort and rejuvenation.  This class consists of Yoga postures linked in such a way to relieve stress, calm the mind, increase flexibility and gently challenge the body.  Each class ends with a refreshing and centering period of shavasana (relaxation).  This is a slow, meditative Yoga class tailored to meet and appreciate all ages and levels.


Yoga for centuries has been used as a way of life to find and incorporate the natural balance and well-being of all things. Yoga for Relaxation is designed with the busy-bodied person in mind along with being tailored to meet each individual at their own personal level.  Allow Amaris to lead you through a series of Yoga postures and guided meditation to still and calm the quiet waters within as you further and deepen your Yoga practice.

You can be a part of it, too!  Join in on the blissful moments of Yoga!

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing to move in, bring water, a Yoga mat and an open mind ready to relax into the moment as you bathe your senses in the sights, sounds and enchanting beauty of the moment of Now!


Restorative Yoga -  FREE - ONLINE

Sundays @ 10am at Facebook.com/PaleTurtleMoon


Right in the comfort of where your heart is... Home.


Welcome to My Sanctuary! 

Amy Celeste McKinzie aka Amaris Ziayanah is inviting you to a scheduled meeting.

Currently, there will be weekly Sessions of Yoga on Sundays at 12noon!  

Classes are suitable for ANY level.  


*  Your own Yoga mat, a special sacred space for you to evolve and transform with comfort        and support.

*  Bottled water

*  Strap or Belt

*  An open Heart

Donations are NOT necessary, however are incredibly thankful for and greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Restorative Yoga (INDIVIDUAL)

The same benefits of the GROUP SESSION only with individualized attention on You and Your Yoga Journey - Schedule ANY day of the  week (Mornings, Afternoons and Evening Openings)


Only $60 a Class (45 minutes in length)



Inspired by studies of the healing properties of specific tones on the seven primary chakras, as well as the ambient, unobtrusive compositions of Erik Satie and Brian Eno, Amy and Jason seek to create a soundscape of peace and tranquility into which you can sink deeply, the music arranged to deflect attention. The songs wash over the listener/student in waves, gradually moving up the body and increasing the energy created until finally relaxing slowly into the peaceful sea of Shavasana.

This Album is currently available for streaming and download! Click the Pic!





















Amaris has such an enthusiasm for Yoga and the many vary ways that it may cultivate such goodness in your life.  In her own practice she includes the meditative deep penetrating varieties that are practiced in the relaxation section to the more challenging and conditioning forms found in this particular class.  Each class is a celebration of the human life, pushing into the depths of the more ambitious postures in intensity and time all the while further linking body and breath in a calm meditative fashion. 


This specially crafted class is designed to strengthen, tone and condition the body, mind and spirit through a series of intermediate to advanced Yoga Postures. 


A total body workout including strength training, cardio and stretching.  One learns a multitude of movements that help in developing grace, poise and control.  Stability and focus are nurtured through a series of asanas (postures) that affect the body as a whole. 


Each class is made complete with a time of guided deep relaxation and meditation.  You are sure to feel refreshed and invigorated at the end of your practice, ready for your day!
















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Learn the choreography of a fun and expressive World Fusion Bellydance Routine!  Or Learn the steady strength and control found in isolations and drills!


Gain a deeper understanding of your dance and your body while learning proper technique and isolation of various movements and the ability to blend them together through seamless transitions!


Each session is an exciting, innovative, and unique class that combines the flexibility and toning benefits of Bellydance and Yoga, but also allows a time of deep relaxation and rejuvenation - Something we all are in dire need of!


Share in the fun and excitement of learning and experiencing something new, while tapping into an incredibly effective beautiful ancient art in stress release in a positive, uplifting and nurturing atmosphere. So relax into your self, cultivate more energy in your life, and bring out your inner goddess!


 Amaris & some of her amazing Students performing live from her Bellydance Technique Class!