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In a concentrated amount of bliss-filled time, get to know your body as you have never before. Explore the mind, body and spirit through Amy’s aka Amaris Ziayanah’s proven approach to nutrition, health and wellness and an over-all positive minded life.


Amaris has Practiced Yoga for over 31 years, including the time during all four of her pregnancies.
Currently studying in Holistic Nutrition, she has been a Vegan for 31 years.
It is through her Diet, Meditation, Dance and Yoga that Amy has found the liberating freedom of fully experiencing and embracing who she is within the current  of the magical continuous Now.


Amaris has served as a guest dance instructor at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, both Belly Dance and Yoga Instructor for Classes at Academy for Lifetime Learning on the Eastern Shore of VA, along with several other Hampton Roads and Eastern Shore venues in large and small class environments.


Amaris is also a professional Tribal Fusion Bellydance Artist. One who embodies the sounds and mood evoked by the music in a fluid and captivating way.

Inspired to help others reconnect with themselves, Amaris Ziayanah believes that through our own conscious living, conscious loving, and conscious movements, we are able to respect, honor, and cherish the beauty that we All are and the wonders of what we each have to offer in this  interconnected Life.


With each session you will benefit from the beauty of Bellydance, the grace of Yoga, or the stamina of free weights, not to mention a guided meditation at the end of each transformational Class.

Each week a new workout/challenge/expressional experience will transpire with open questions and answers throughout the entire session to be answered at the end of workout and at other set specified times.

As an Instructor. . . Amaris brings a wealth of artistry, expertise and enthusiasm to each of the Classes that she offers.  She is able to provide developmentally appropriate, stimulating, challenging yet nurturing activities that encourage the wonder and excitement in learning for the young and young at heart


As a Dancer. . . Amaris is recognized by many as “the One who Dances with her Eyes.” "As much an expert of the dance of her arms and hands as belly.”  Her style is surprisingly unique, consisting of a delightful eclectic blend of Yoga, Turkish, Tribal Fusion, Indian, and Cabaret with a Spanish twist.
The love and fluidity that she expresses through the dance is an intriguing and captivating experience.

Amy’s style of dance is one of embracing who you are, where and when you are, in that moment and getting to know it in a rewarding positive way.























So be it through Nutrition, Yoga, Dance, or Strength Training along with Meditation and Relaxation, Allow Amy aka Amaris Ziayanah to guide you to your health and wellness goals starting NOW!


Please email for further questions! Let’s discuss Your fitness/life goals!

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