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Jason W. McKinzie follows in the tradition of tunesmiths throughout time immemorial, dipping his musical cup gratefully into the river of those who have come before him. Genres are no obstacle for this composer. Walls are meant for climbing, and the illusory walls of art are no exception.


Over the years, Jason has run rampant through an astounding variety of musical flavors. He is a pure music lover at heart, and has never succumbed to the fickle fads that ebb and flow within the music industry. Music is about creating art through sound, and Jason’s output has covered such a wide variety of sounds, that aficionado’s of his music are rarely surprised by each new direction.



Jason has been involved in the writing and recording of music since his earliest days. A Hoosier by birth, surrounded by the beautiful corn fields of Indiana, into a family whose roots in that area span generations, Jason has always been attracted to a simple and natural way of life. Son of a career Navy man, Jason got plenty of world-traveling under his belt at an early age. As a boy, piling into the VW bus in the mountains of Spain with his parents and older brother might lead to a trip through Portugal or France, depending on the season. It was this early exposure to the Old World that inspired in Jason a world-consciousness that persists to this day.



Since 2009 Jason’s focus has been “Lovebirds East”, a musical project chock full of homespun country fun, featuring himself and his partner-in-all-things Amy Celeste Young-Beard. Together they strive to spread love and laughter with their rootsy acoustic tunes.



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