A Partial List of Places and/or Venues and Events Performed:

Aiken Fest -  two times
One  Love  -  two times
ESO  -  several times
Theatre In Elizabeth City, NC
Harvest Faire -  several times
Strawberry Festival in NY
Weddings along the East Coast (from Maryland to North Carolina)
Beach Street USA (City Contracted) every summer for six years
Seawall Arts Festival - several years in a row
Farmers Market in Norfolk -  several times
Farmers Market in Gloucester  - several times
Libraries along the Eastern Shore doing both Children’s Shows and more
an auditorium performance  sponsored by Tidewater Outreach
Arts on Main in Gloucester - multiple times
Earth Dance – several years
Fundraisers and Charities of various sorts all up and down the east coast (including VA,  NC,  NY)
Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities 

New York interview Live on air interview
Gloucester interview Live on air several times
Eastern Shore radio stations - multiple interviews and LIVE performances on various Shows
Live on air performance with Hunter Hughes out of Norfolk, VA
LIVE on The Hampton Roads Show
Botticelli’s Knees
Bad Trip Pandas
Yes Now IS
Americana Lovebirds
The Lovebirds Lovebirds East
The Lovebirds
The Sunshowers
Amy Celeste Young-Beard
Amy Celeste YoungBeard Mckinzie
Amaris Ziayanah
Miss Amy


Current Bands Involved In:

Miss Amy – www.AmyTunes.com (you are here.)

The Lovebirds – www.LovebirdCountry.com

Yes Now IS -  www.YesNowIS.com