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A little about Amy...

​A Vegan music-makin' bead stringin' giddy yogini dancin' gal.  
Amy Celeste YoungBeard McKinzie aka Miss Amy has long been involved with the writing and performing of soulful, heartfelt, and yes, often at times quite silly music all in her own special way.   With her genre spanning from country/folk to what is known as "freak folk" aka "avant-folk",  it is as a composer, she explores the various flavors and sensations in life.  Amy creates a beautiful audial tapestry of the human experience ranging from the unspoken words of the yearning and opened heart to the unique style of quirky and joyful expressions of love as seen through her rose colored glasses.  Years of immersion in traditional and non-traditional art has helped hone her unique presence. Her captivating voice has been described as heavenly and greets you as a dear friend. ​



A tune always entertaining her mind, Amy has been singing and writing songs since she was a little girl. She discovered early on a great joy in acting and performing.  She could always be found cheerfully exploring and polishing the many facets of her character.  This all had a tremendous impact on the person and entertainer she has evolved into.  She is appreciated by many for her outspoken and endearing whimsical charm.​​

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Here are the dynamic love duo:


Americana Lovebirds

~ and~

Yes Now IS

To learn more about the Art and beauty of Amy's Expressive Yoga Instruction & Tribal Fusion Bellydance Stylings:

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